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Packages that use MuleTransport
org.mule.transport.soap.axis.extensions Axis specific extensions and component implementation that enables Mule components to act as Axis soap services. 

Uses of MuleTransport in org.mule.transport.soap.axis.extensions

Subclasses of MuleTransport in org.mule.transport.soap.axis.extensions
static class MuleTransport.HTTP
static class MuleTransport.HTTPS
static class MuleTransport.IMAP
static class MuleTransport.IMAPS
static class MuleTransport.JMS
static class MuleTransport.POP3
static class MuleTransport.POP3S
static class MuleTransport.SERVLET
static class MuleTransport.SMTP
static class MuleTransport.SMTPS
static class MuleTransport.SSL
static class MuleTransport.TCP
static class MuleTransport.VM
static class MuleTransport.XMPP

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