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First 30 Minutes with Mule

Nov 21, 2013 16:16

Janet Revell

May 20, 2014 17:13

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First 30 Minutes with Mule

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First 30 Minutes with Mule

The first section of a three-part syllabus for learning Mule Fundamentals, the First 30 Minutes with Mule is designed to introduce you to Mule and walk you through the steps to build and run your first Mule application. 

Read these documents sequentially to build your knowledge of, and familiarity with Mule. When you've read the basics, continue your learning with the First Day with Mule and First Week with Mule sections.

Anypoint Platform PrimerLearn about the various features and functionality Mule has to offer, including its IDE, deployment options, and management capabilities.
Download and Launch Anypoint StudioJust like it sounds, follow the instructions to download Mule.
Batteries... er, embedded test server included!
Anypoint Studio Essentials

Learn the essentials for using Mule's own IDE, Anypoint Studio.

Build an ApplicationFollow a very quick tutorial to build and run a basic Mule application.


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