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Mule Release Notes

Mar 30, 2012 12:02

Robin Pille

Mar 16, 2014 18:38

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Mule Release Notes

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Mule Release Notes


Latest Version


Mule EnterpriseDecember 2013This version of Mule is available for deployment in CloudHub using the CloudHub Mule (December 2013) Runtime. If you intend to deploy your application to an on-premises production server, use a Mule 3.4 runtime when you begin a new project in Mule Studio. Access Mule 3.4 documentation for details.

Mule Enterprise


The latest on premises Enterprise release of Mule ESB and the Mule Management Console.

Mule Community


The latest Community Edition release of Mule ESB, including Mule Studio.

CloudHubRelease 37The latest release of CloudHub.
API Manager5.0.2The latest release of API Manager.
Mule Enterprise (Early Access)3.5.0-M4The latest Enterprise Early Access release of Mule ESB.
Mule Community (Early Access)3.5.0-M4The latest Community Early Access release of Mule ESB.


MuleSoft currently supports Mule ESB 3.1.0 and laterAccess our library of Legacy Migration Guides to learn how to migrate from previous versions of Mule to the latest version.