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Packages that use DefaultMuleException
org.mule The Mule implementation of the Universal Message Objects(tm) API specification. 
org.mule.api.registry Security API for authentication and authorisation. 
org.mule.transformer Provides the default transformer base implementations for Mule including compression and encryption support. 
org.mule.transport.soap.axis.extensions Axis specific extensions and component implementation that enables Mule components to act as Axis soap services. 
org.mule.util Common helper classes for reading/writing files setting bean properties and SPI helpers. 

Uses of DefaultMuleException in org.mule

Methods in org.mule that throw DefaultMuleException
 byte[] DefaultMuleEvent.getMessageAsBytes()

Uses of DefaultMuleException in org.mule.api.config

Subclasses of DefaultMuleException in org.mule.api.config
 class ConfigurationException

Uses of DefaultMuleException in org.mule.api.registry

Subclasses of DefaultMuleException in org.mule.api.registry
 class RegistrationException

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Subclasses of DefaultMuleException in
 class CryptoFailureException
          CryptoFailureException is a generic exception thrown by an CryptoStrategy if encryption or decryption fails.

Uses of DefaultMuleException in org.mule.component

Constructors in org.mule.component that throw DefaultMuleException
SimpleCallableJavaComponent(Class callable)
          Create an SimpleCallableJavaComponent instance using an object class.
SimpleCallableJavaComponent(ObjectFactory objectFactory)

Uses of DefaultMuleException in org.mule.example.loanbroker

Subclasses of DefaultMuleException in org.mule.example.loanbroker
 class LoanBrokerException
          Exception related to the LoanBroker example app.

Uses of DefaultMuleException in org.mule.tck

Methods in org.mule.tck that throw DefaultMuleException
 void AbstractConfigBuilderTestCase.testThreadingConfig()

Uses of DefaultMuleException in org.mule.tck.exceptions

Subclasses of DefaultMuleException in org.mule.tck.exceptions
 class FunctionalTestException

Uses of DefaultMuleException in org.mule.transformer

Methods in org.mule.transformer that throw DefaultMuleException
static List TransformerUtils.getTransformers(String names)
          Builds a list of Transformers.

Uses of DefaultMuleException in org.mule.transport.soap.axis.extensions

Methods in org.mule.transport.soap.axis.extensions that throw DefaultMuleException
static Class MuleTransport.getTransportClass(String protocol)

Uses of DefaultMuleException in org.mule.util

Methods in org.mule.util that throw DefaultMuleException
static String SystemUtils.getCommandLineOption(String option, String[] args, String[][] opts)
          Returns the value corresponding to the given option from the command line, for example if the options are "-config mule-config.xml" getCommandLineOption("config") would return "mule-config.xml"
static Map SystemUtils.getCommandLineOptions(String[] args, String[][] opts)
          Returns a Map of all options in the command line.
static boolean SystemUtils.hasCommandLineOption(String option, String[] args, String[][] opts)
          Checks whether a command line option is set.

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