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Packages that use MuleRuntimeException
org.mule.api.endpoint Endpoint interfaces. 
org.mule.api.transport Contains the interfaces that comprise a provider implementation. 

Uses of MuleRuntimeException in org.mule.api.endpoint

Subclasses of MuleRuntimeException in org.mule.api.endpoint
 class InvalidEndpointTypeException

Uses of MuleRuntimeException in org.mule.api.expression

Subclasses of MuleRuntimeException in org.mule.api.expression
 class ExpressionRuntimeException
          If thrown by the DefaultExpressionManager if an expression returns null and failIfNull was set when ExpressionManager.evaluate(String,org.mule.api.MuleMessage,boolean) was called.
 class RequiredValueException
          Is thrown explicitly when an expression is executed that returns a null value when a value is required.

Uses of MuleRuntimeException in org.mule.api.transport

Subclasses of MuleRuntimeException in org.mule.api.transport
 class UniqueIdNotSupportedException
          UniqueIdNotSupportedException is thrown by MessageAdapter.getUniqueId() if the underlying message does not support or have a unique identifier.

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