Uses of Interface

Packages that use EndpointURIBuilder
org.mule.endpoint Implemtation of Mule endpoint uris. 
org.mule.transport.file Provides file transport in the form of a directory listeners and file dispatchers. 
org.mule.transport.jdbc Provides jdbc transport. 
org.mule.transport.service Provides SPI support for building mule connectors and providers using service descriptors. 

Uses of EndpointURIBuilder in org.mule.endpoint

Classes in org.mule.endpoint that implement EndpointURIBuilder
 class AbstractEndpointURIBuilder
          UrlEndpointURIBuilder is the default endpointUri strategy suitable for most connectors
 class ResourceNameEndpointURIBuilder
          ResourceNameEndpointBuilder extracts a resource name from a uri endpointUri
 class SocketEndpointURIBuilder
          SocketEndpointBuilder builds an endpointUri based on host and port only
 class UrlEndpointURIBuilder
          UrlEndpointBuilder is the default endpointUri strategy suitable for most connectors
 class UserInfoEndpointURIBuilder
          UserInfoEndpointBuilder builds an endpoint with the userinfo and host details.

Uses of EndpointURIBuilder in org.mule.transport.file

Classes in org.mule.transport.file that implement EndpointURIBuilder
 class FileEndpointURIBuilder
          FileEndpointBuilder File uris need some special processing because the uri path can be any length, and the default resolver relies on a particular path format.

Uses of EndpointURIBuilder in org.mule.transport.jdbc

Classes in org.mule.transport.jdbc that implement EndpointURIBuilder
 class JdbcEndpointURIBuilder
          Parses a JDBC style endpoint to a MuleEndpointURI

Uses of EndpointURIBuilder in org.mule.transport.service

Methods in org.mule.transport.service that return EndpointURIBuilder
 EndpointURIBuilder DefaultTransportServiceDescriptor.createEndpointBuilder()
 EndpointURIBuilder TransportServiceDescriptor.createEndpointBuilder()

Uses of EndpointURIBuilder in org.mule.transport.soap

Classes in org.mule.transport.soap that implement EndpointURIBuilder
 class WsdlUrlEndpointURIBuilder
          The same as the UrlEndpointbuilder except that all parameters except the first are set as properties on the endpoint and stripped from the endpoint Uri

Uses of EndpointURIBuilder in org.mule.transport.xmpp

Classes in org.mule.transport.xmpp that implement EndpointURIBuilder
 class XmppEndpointURIBuilder
          Does the same as the UserInfoEndpointBuilder but also ensures that a path is set on the uri.

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