Package org.mule.api.endpoint

Endpoint interfaces.


Interface Summary
EndpointBuilder Constructs endpoints.
EndpointFactory Endpoint factory creates immutable instances of ImmutableEndpoint.
EndpointURI EndpointURI is used to determine how a message is sent or received.
EndpointURIBuilder EndpointBuilder determines how a uri is translated to a MuleEndpointURI Connectors can override the default behaviour to suit their needs
ImmutableEndpoint ImmutableEndpoint describes a Message endpoint where data is sent or received.

Exception Summary
EndpointException EndpointException is an abstract exception extended by endpoint specific exceptions.
EndpointNotFoundException EndpointNotFoundException is thrown when an endpoint name or protocol is specified but a matching endpoint is not registered with the Mule server
MalformedEndpointException MalformedEndpointException is thrown by the MuleEndpointURI class if it fails to parse a Url

Package org.mule.api.endpoint Description

Endpoint interfaces.

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