Interface Interceptor

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractComponent, AbstractJavaComponent, AbstractWebServiceWrapperComponent, DefaultJavaComponent, EnvelopeInterceptor, InterceptorStack, JcaComponent, LoggingInterceptor, PassThroughComponent, PooledJavaComponent, ProcessComponent, RestServiceWrapper, ScriptComponent, SimpleCallableJavaComponent, TimerInterceptor, WebServiceWrapperComponent, WebServiceWrapperComponent

public interface Interceptor

Interceptor is based on a similar concept of servlet filters and works much the same way. This method is more commonally known as the interceptor pattern and it allows for pre and processing of invocations on the object being intercepted.

Method Summary
 MuleMessage intercept(Invocation invocation)
          Invoked when the component should be called.

Method Detail


MuleMessage intercept(Invocation invocation)
                      throws MuleException
Invoked when the component should be called. The implementation can call Invocation#execute() to call the component.

invocation - the invocation containing info about the current message and service
A result message that may have been altered by this invocation
MuleException - if the invocation fails

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