Uses of Interface

Packages that use Invocation

Uses of Invocation in org.mule.api.interceptor

Methods in org.mule.api.interceptor with parameters of type Invocation
 MuleMessage Interceptor.intercept(Invocation invocation)
          Invoked when the component should be called.

Uses of Invocation in org.mule.component

Classes in org.mule.component that implement Invocation
 class ComponentInterceptorInvoker
          InterceptorsInvoker is used to trigger an interceptor chain.

Methods in org.mule.component with parameters of type Invocation
 MuleMessage AbstractComponent.intercept(Invocation invocation)

Uses of Invocation in org.mule.interceptor

Methods in org.mule.interceptor with parameters of type Invocation
abstract  void EnvelopeInterceptor.after(Invocation invocation)
          This method is invoked after the event has been processed
 void LoggingInterceptor.after(Invocation event)
abstract  void EnvelopeInterceptor.before(Invocation invocation)
          This method is invoked before the event is processed
 void LoggingInterceptor.before(Invocation event)
 MuleMessage EnvelopeInterceptor.intercept(Invocation invocation)
 MuleMessage InterceptorStack.intercept(Invocation invocation)
 MuleMessage TimerInterceptor.intercept(Invocation invocation)

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