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Packages that use LifecycleException
org.mule.api.lifecycle Lifecycle interfaces for all Components. 
org.mule.context.notification Internal server notification types fired via the MuleManager. 
org.mule.transport Contains Abstract classes providing common functionality for all Mule providers. 

Uses of LifecycleException in org.mule.api.lifecycle

Subclasses of LifecycleException in org.mule.api.lifecycle
 class CreateException
          InitialisationException is thrown by the initialise method defined in the org.mule.api.lifecycle.Initialisable interface.
 class DisposeException
          DisposeException TODO (document class)
 class FatalException
          FatalException can be thrown during initialisation or during execution to indicate that something fatal has occurred and the MuleManager must shutdown.
 class InitialisationException
          InitialisationException is thrown by the initialise method defined in the org.mule.api.lifecycle.Initialisable interface.
 class RecoverableException
          RecoverableException can be thrown during initialisation to indicate that the error occurred is not fatal and a reactive action can be performed to try and remedy the error.
 class StartException
          DisposeException TODO (document class)
 class StopException
          DisposeException TODO (document class)

Methods in org.mule.api.lifecycle that throw LifecycleException
 void LifecyclePhase.applyLifecycle(Object o)

Uses of LifecycleException in org.mule.context.notification

Methods in org.mule.context.notification that throw LifecycleException
 void ServerNotificationManager.start(WorkManager workManager, workListener)

Uses of LifecycleException in org.mule.lifecycle

Subclasses of LifecycleException in org.mule.lifecycle
 class AlreadyInitialisedException
          AlreadyInitialisedException is thrown when a service or connector has already been initialised.

Methods in org.mule.lifecycle that throw LifecycleException
 void DefaultLifecyclePhase.applyLifecycle(Object o)

Uses of LifecycleException in org.mule.retry

Subclasses of LifecycleException in org.mule.retry
 class RetryPolicyExhaustedException
          This exception is thrown when a Retry policy has made all the retry attempts it wants to make and is still failing.

Uses of LifecycleException in org.mule.transport

Subclasses of LifecycleException in org.mule.transport
 class ConnectException
          When this exception is thrown it will trigger a retry (reconnection) policy to go into effect if one is configured.

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