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Packages that use EntryPointResolver
org.mule.api.model Contains the interfaces for the Model and supporting objects such as the CompoenntResolver, EntryPointResolver, etc. 
org.mule.config.i18n Internationalisation support for Mule messages and exception messages. 

Uses of EntryPointResolver in org.mule.api.model

Methods in org.mule.api.model with parameters of type EntryPointResolver
 void EntryPointResolverSet.addEntryPointResolver(EntryPointResolver resolver)
          Will add a resolver to the list of resolvers to invoke on a compoent.
 boolean EntryPointResolverSet.removeEntryPointResolver(EntryPointResolver resolver)
          Removes a resolver from the list
 void InvocationResult.setErrorNoMatchingMethods(Object component, Class[] args, EntryPointResolver resolver)
 void InvocationResult.setErrorNoMatchingMethodsCalled(Object component, String methods, EntryPointResolver resolver)
 void InvocationResult.setErrorTooManyMatchingMethods(Object component, Class[] argTypes, EntryPointResolver resolver)
 void InvocationResult.setErrorTooManyMatchingMethods(Object component, Class[] argTypes, String methods, EntryPointResolver resolver)

Uses of EntryPointResolver in org.mule.config.i18n

Methods in org.mule.config.i18n with parameters of type EntryPointResolver
static Message CoreMessages.noEntryPointFoundForNoArgsMethodUsingResolver(Object component, String methodName, EntryPointResolver resolver)
static Message CoreMessages.noEntryPointFoundWithArgsUsingResolver(Object object, Object args, EntryPointResolver resolver)
static Message CoreMessages.noMatchingMethodsOnObjectCalledUsingResolver(Object object, String methodName, EntryPointResolver resolver)
static Message CoreMessages.noMatchingMethodsOnObjectReturningUsingResolver(Object object, Class returnType, EntryPointResolver resolver)
static Message CoreMessages.tooManyAcceptableMethodsOnObjectUsingResolverForTypes(Object object, Object types, EntryPointResolver resolver)
static Message CoreMessages.tooManyMatchingMethodsOnObjectUsingResolverWhichReturn(Object object, Object returnType, EntryPointResolver resolver)

Uses of EntryPointResolver in org.mule.model.resolvers

Classes in org.mule.model.resolvers that implement EntryPointResolver
 class AbstractArgumentEntryPointResolver
          A base class that allows implementing resolvers to define what parameters it is expecting.
 class AbstractEntryPointResolver
          A Base class for EntryPointResolver.
 class ArrayEntryPointResolver
          Will resolver entry point methods on a service service that accept a single array.
 class CallableEntryPointResolver
          An entrypoint resolver that only allows Service objects that implmement the Callable interface
 class ExplicitMethodEntryPointResolver
          An Entrypoint resolver that allows the user to set one or more acceptiple methd names to look for.
 class MethodHeaderPropertyEntryPointResolver
          This resolver will look for a 'method' property on the incoming event to determine which method to invoke Users can customise the name of the property used to look up the method name on the event
 class NoArgumentsEntryPointResolver
          Allows for arguments with no parameters to be called.
 class ReflectionEntryPointResolver
          ReflectEntryPointResolver is used to determine the entry point on a service after an event has been received for it.

Methods in org.mule.model.resolvers with parameters of type EntryPointResolver
 void DefaultEntryPointResolverSet.addEntryPointResolver(EntryPointResolver resolver)
 boolean DefaultEntryPointResolverSet.removeEntryPointResolver(EntryPointResolver resolver)

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