Uses of Interface

Packages that use Model
org.mule.api.model Contains the interfaces for the Model and supporting objects such as the CompoenntResolver, EntryPointResolver, etc. 
org.mule.context.notification Internal server notification types fired via the MuleManager. 
org.mule.module.jca A Resource Adapter implementation that allows a Mule instance to be deployed to a J2ee application server and exposes Mule services via the JCA connector architecture. Jmx Management beans for mule components, the model and the Mule server. 

Uses of Model in org.mule.api.model

Methods in org.mule.api.model that return Model
 Model ModelServiceDescriptor.createModel()

Uses of Model in org.mule.api.registry

Methods in org.mule.api.registry that return Model
 Model MuleRegistry.lookupModel(String name)
 Model MuleRegistry.lookupSystemModel()

Methods in org.mule.api.registry with parameters of type Model
 void MuleRegistry.registerModel(Model model)

Uses of Model in org.mule.api.service

Methods in org.mule.api.service that return Model
 Model Service.getModel()
          Returns the name of the model that this descriptor is registered with.

Methods in org.mule.api.service with parameters of type Model
 void Service.setModel(Model model)
          Sets the Model name that this descriptor is registered within.

Uses of Model in

Classes in that implement Model
 class InheritedModel

Uses of Model in org.mule.context.notification

Constructors in org.mule.context.notification with parameters of type Model
ModelNotification(Model model, int action)

Uses of Model in org.mule.model

Classes in org.mule.model that implement Model
 class AbstractModel
          MuleModel is the default implementation of the Model.

Methods in org.mule.model that return Model
 Model DefaultModelServiceDescriptor.createModel()

Uses of Model in

Classes in that implement Model
 class DirectModel

Uses of Model in org.mule.model.pipeline

Classes in org.mule.model.pipeline that implement Model
 class PipelineModel

Uses of Model in org.mule.model.seda

Classes in org.mule.model.seda that implement Model
 class SedaModel
          A mule service service model that uses Seda principals to achieve high throughput by Quing events for compoonents and processing them concurrently.

Uses of Model in org.mule.module.jca

Classes in org.mule.module.jca that implement Model
 class JcaModel
          Creates a model suitable for Jca execution

Uses of Model in

Constructors in with parameters of type Model
ModelService(Model model)

Uses of Model in org.mule.registry

Methods in org.mule.registry that return Model
 Model MuleRegistryHelper.lookupModel(String name)
 Model MuleRegistryHelper.lookupSystemModel()

Methods in org.mule.registry with parameters of type Model
 void MuleRegistryHelper.registerModel(Model model)

Uses of Model in org.mule.service

Fields in org.mule.service declared as Model
protected  Model AbstractService.model
          The model in which this service is registered

Methods in org.mule.service that return Model
 Model AbstractService.getModel()

Methods in org.mule.service with parameters of type Model
 void AbstractService.setModel(Model model)

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