Uses of Interface

Packages that use ServiceDescriptor
org.mule.api.model Contains the interfaces for the Model and supporting objects such as the CompoenntResolver, EntryPointResolver, etc. 
org.mule.transport.service Provides SPI support for building mule connectors and providers using service descriptors. 

Uses of ServiceDescriptor in org.mule.api.model

Subinterfaces of ServiceDescriptor in org.mule.api.model
 interface ModelServiceDescriptor
          ModelServiceDescriptor describes the necessery information for creating a model from a service descriptor.

Uses of ServiceDescriptor in org.mule.api.registry

Classes in org.mule.api.registry that implement ServiceDescriptor
 class AbstractServiceDescriptor

Methods in org.mule.api.registry that return ServiceDescriptor
static ServiceDescriptor ServiceDescriptorFactory.create(String type, String name, Properties props, Properties overrides, Registry registry, ClassLoader classLoader)
          Factory method to create a new service descriptor.
 ServiceDescriptor MuleRegistry.lookupServiceDescriptor(String type, String name, Properties overrides)

Methods in org.mule.api.registry with parameters of type ServiceDescriptor
 String ServiceFinder.findService(String service, ServiceDescriptor descriptor, Properties props)

Uses of ServiceDescriptor in org.mule.model

Classes in org.mule.model that implement ServiceDescriptor
 class DefaultModelServiceDescriptor

Uses of ServiceDescriptor in org.mule.registry

Methods in org.mule.registry that return ServiceDescriptor
protected  ServiceDescriptor MuleRegistryHelper.createServiceDescriptor(String type, String name, Properties overrides)
          Deprecated. ServiceDescriptors will be created upon bundle startup for OSGi.
 ServiceDescriptor MuleRegistryHelper.lookupServiceDescriptor(String type, String name, Properties overrides)
          Looks up the service descriptor from a singleton cache and creates a new one if not found.

Uses of ServiceDescriptor in org.mule.transport.service

Subinterfaces of ServiceDescriptor in org.mule.transport.service
 interface TransportServiceDescriptor
          TransportServiceDescriptor describes the necessary information for creating a connector from a service descriptor.

Classes in org.mule.transport.service that implement ServiceDescriptor
 class DefaultTransportServiceDescriptor

Uses of ServiceDescriptor in org.mule.transport.soap

Methods in org.mule.transport.soap with parameters of type ServiceDescriptor
 String SoapServiceFinder.findService(String service, ServiceDescriptor descriptor, Properties props)
          Deprecated. We can use a more intelligent strategy for locating the service using the OSGi registry.

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