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Packages that use RouterCatchAllStrategy
org.mule.api.routing Interfaces that define inbound and outbound routing API. 
org.mule.routing Defines the core routing patterns supported by mule. 

Uses of RouterCatchAllStrategy in org.mule.api.routing

Methods in org.mule.api.routing that return RouterCatchAllStrategy
 RouterCatchAllStrategy RouterCollection.getCatchAllStrategy()

Methods in org.mule.api.routing with parameters of type RouterCatchAllStrategy
 void RouterCollection.setCatchAllStrategy(RouterCatchAllStrategy catchAllStrategy)

Uses of RouterCatchAllStrategy in org.mule.routing

Classes in org.mule.routing that implement RouterCatchAllStrategy
 class AbstractCatchAllStrategy
          RouterCatchAllStrategy is a strategy interface that allows developers to hook in custom code when an event is being routed on the inbound or outbound but does not match any of the criteria defined for the routing.
 class ForwardingCatchAllStrategy
          ForwardingCatchAllStrategy acts as a catch and forward router for any events not caught by the router this strategy is associated with.
 class LoggingCatchAllStrategy
          LoggingCatchAllStrategy is a simple strategy that only logs any events not caught by the router associated with this strategy.
 class ServiceCatchAllStrategy
          ServiceCatchAllStrategy is used to catch any events and forward the events to the service as is.

Methods in org.mule.routing that return RouterCatchAllStrategy
 RouterCatchAllStrategy AbstractRouterCollection.getCatchAllStrategy()

Methods in org.mule.routing with parameters of type RouterCatchAllStrategy
 void AbstractRouterCollection.setCatchAllStrategy(RouterCatchAllStrategy catchAllStrategy)

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