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Packages that use Credentials
org.mule The Mule implementation of the Universal Message Objects(tm) API specification. 
org.mule.api The Universal Message Object(tm) API provides a way for components to interact without needing to know about the protocol or delivery mechanisms of information passed between them 
org.mule.module.client Simple interface for Mule clients to send and receive events from local or remote Mule Servers. 
org.mule.module.jaas Core security implementation including the mule security manager and encryption types 

Uses of Credentials in org.mule

Methods in org.mule that return Credentials
 Credentials DefaultMuleEvent.getCredentials()

Uses of Credentials in org.mule.api

Methods in org.mule.api that return Credentials
 Credentials MuleEvent.getCredentials()

Uses of Credentials in org.mule.module.client

Constructors in org.mule.module.client with parameters of type Credentials
RemoteDispatcher(String endpoint, Credentials credentials)

Uses of Credentials in org.mule.module.jaas

Constructors in org.mule.module.jaas with parameters of type Credentials
JaasAuthentication(Credentials credentials)

Uses of Credentials in

Classes in that implement Credentials
 class MuleCredentials
          MuleCredentials can be used to read and set Mule user information that can be stored in a message header.

Constructors in with parameters of type Credentials
DefaultMuleAuthentication(Credentials credentials)

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