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Packages that use Transaction
org.mule The Mule implementation of the Universal Message Objects(tm) API specification. 
org.mule.api The Universal Message Object(tm) API provides a way for components to interact without needing to know about the protocol or delivery mechanisms of information passed between them 
org.mule.api.transport Contains the interfaces that comprise a provider implementation. 
org.mule.config.i18n Internationalisation support for Mule messages and exception messages. 
org.mule.context.notification Internal server notification types fired via the MuleManager. 
org.mule.transaction Contains the core transaction support classes and exception types. 
org.mule.transport Contains Abstract classes providing common functionality for all Mule providers. 
org.mule.transport.jdbc Provides jdbc transport. 
org.mule.transport.jms Provides Jms transport connectivity with support for all Jms features. 
org.mule.transport.tcp Provides tcp connectivity for Mule
org.mule.transport.vm A connector implementation allowing events to be passed between Mule sessions via in-memory queues. 

Uses of Transaction in org.mule

Methods in org.mule that return Transaction
 Transaction DefaultMuleEventContext.getCurrentTransaction()
          Returns the current transaction (if any) for the session
 Transaction DefaultMuleEventContext.getTransaction()
          Returns the transaction for the current event or null if there is no transaction in progresss

Uses of Transaction in org.mule.api

Methods in org.mule.api that return Transaction
 Transaction MuleEventContext.getCurrentTransaction()
          Returns the current transaction (if any) for the session
 Transaction MuleEventContext.getTransaction()
          Returns the transaction for the current event or null if there is no transaction in progresss

Uses of Transaction in org.mule.api.transaction

Methods in org.mule.api.transaction that return Transaction
 Transaction TransactionFactory.beginTransaction(MuleContext muleContext)
          Create and begins a new transaction

Uses of Transaction in org.mule.api.transport

Methods in org.mule.api.transport with parameters of type Transaction
 MuleMessage InternalMessageListener.onMessage(MuleMessage message, Transaction trans, boolean synchronous, OutputStream outputStream)
 MuleMessage MessageReceiver.routeMessage(MuleMessage message, Transaction trans, boolean synchronous)
 MuleMessage MessageReceiver.routeMessage(MuleMessage message, Transaction trans, boolean synchronous, OutputStream outputStream)

Uses of Transaction in org.mule.config.i18n

Methods in org.mule.config.i18n with parameters of type Transaction
static Message CoreMessages.commitTxButNoResource(Transaction tx)
static Message CoreMessages.rollbackTxButNoResource(Transaction tx)

Uses of Transaction in org.mule.context.notification

Constructors in org.mule.context.notification with parameters of type Transaction
TransactionNotification(Transaction transaction, int action)

Uses of Transaction in org.mule.module.spring.transaction

Classes in org.mule.module.spring.transaction that implement Transaction
 class SpringTransactionFactory.SpringTransaction
          TODO: document this class

Methods in org.mule.module.spring.transaction that return Transaction
 Transaction SpringTransactionFactory.beginTransaction(MuleContext muleContext)

Uses of Transaction in org.mule.transaction

Classes in org.mule.transaction that implement Transaction
 class AbstractSingleResourceTransaction
          This abstract class can be used as a base class for transactions that can enlist only one resource (such as a JMS session or JDBC connection).
 class AbstractTransaction
          This base class provides low level features for transactions.
 class XaTransaction
          XaTransaction represents an XA transaction in Mule.

Methods in org.mule.transaction that return Transaction
 Transaction XaTransactionFactory.beginTransaction(MuleContext muleContext)
 Transaction TransactionCoordination.getTransaction()

Methods in org.mule.transaction that return types with arguments of type Transaction
 List<Transaction> TransactionCollection.getTxCollection()

Methods in org.mule.transaction with parameters of type Transaction
 void TransactionCoordination.bindTransaction(Transaction transaction)
protected  void TransactionTemplate.resolveTransaction(Transaction tx)
protected  void TransactionTemplate.resumeXATransaction(Transaction tx)
protected  void TransactionTemplate.suspendXATransaction(Transaction tx)
 void TransactionCoordination.unbindTransaction(Transaction transaction)

Uses of Transaction in org.mule.transport

Methods in org.mule.transport with parameters of type Transaction
protected abstract  void AbstractReceiverWorker.bindTransaction(Transaction tx)
          Template method used to bind the resources of this receiver to the transaction.
 MuleMessage AbstractMessageReceiver.routeMessage(MuleMessage message, Transaction trans, boolean synchronous)
 MuleMessage AbstractMessageReceiver.routeMessage(MuleMessage message, Transaction trans, boolean synchronous, OutputStream outputStream)

Uses of Transaction in org.mule.transport.jdbc

Classes in org.mule.transport.jdbc that implement Transaction
 class JdbcTransaction

Methods in org.mule.transport.jdbc that return Transaction
 Transaction JdbcTransactionFactory.beginTransaction(MuleContext muleContext)

Uses of Transaction in org.mule.transport.jms

Classes in org.mule.transport.jms that implement Transaction
 class JmsClientAcknowledgeTransaction
          JmsClientAcknowledgeTransaction is a transaction implementation of performing a message acknowledgement.
 class JmsTransaction
          JmsTransaction is a wrapper for a JMS local transaction.

Methods in org.mule.transport.jms that return Transaction
 Transaction JmsClientAcknowledgeTransactionFactory.beginTransaction(MuleContext muleContext)
 Transaction JmsTransactionFactory.beginTransaction(MuleContext muleContext)

Methods in org.mule.transport.jms with parameters of type Transaction
protected  void JmsMessageReceiver.JmsWorker.bindTransaction(Transaction tx)
protected  void MultiConsumerJmsMessageReceiver.JmsWorker.bindTransaction(Transaction tx)

Uses of Transaction in org.mule.transport.tcp

Methods in org.mule.transport.tcp with parameters of type Transaction
protected  void TcpMessageReceiver.TcpWorker.bindTransaction(Transaction tx)

Uses of Transaction in org.mule.transport.vm

Classes in org.mule.transport.vm that implement Transaction
 class VMTransaction

Methods in org.mule.transport.vm that return Transaction
 Transaction VMTransactionFactory.beginTransaction(MuleContext muleContext)

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