Uses of Interface

Packages that use Transformer
org.mule.api.endpoint Endpoint interfaces. 
org.mule.api.transformer Contains the interfaces for transformers and exceptions for the Transformer API. 
org.mule.config.i18n Internationalisation support for Mule messages and exception messages. 
org.mule.endpoint Implemtation of Mule endpoint uris. 
org.mule.module.client Simple interface for Mule clients to send and receive events from local or remote Mule Servers. 
org.mule.module.xml.transformer Xml and Xslt Transformer implementations. 
org.mule.routing.outbound Outbound router implementation as described in the Enterprise Integration Patterns book. 
org.mule.tck.functional Helper classes and interfaces used by Mule fnctional tests. 
org.mule.transformer Provides the default transformer base implementations for Mule including compression and encryption support. 
org.mule.transformer.codec Transformers for Base64, UC and UU encoding/decoding. 
org.mule.transformer.compression Transformers for compressing and uncompressing message payloads. 
org.mule.transformer.encryption Transformers for encrypting and decrypting message payloads. 
org.mule.transformer.simple Basic transformer implementations. 
org.mule.transformer.wire Contains transformers to convert to and from the java.mail.Message type. 
org.mule.transport.file.transformers Transformers for converting to and from the FileMessage type. 
org.mule.transport.jms.transformers Contains transformers to convert to and from different javax.jms.Message types 

Uses of Transformer in org.mule.api.endpoint

Methods in org.mule.api.endpoint with parameters of type Transformer
 void EndpointBuilder.addTransformer(Transformer transformer)

Uses of Transformer in org.mule.api.registry

Methods in org.mule.api.registry that return Transformer
 Transformer MuleRegistry.lookupTransformer(Class input, Class output)
          Will find a transformer that is the closest match to the desired input and output.
 Transformer MuleRegistry.lookupTransformer(String name)

Methods in org.mule.api.registry with parameters of type Transformer
 void MuleRegistry.registerTransformer(Transformer transformer)

Uses of Transformer in org.mule.api.transformer

Methods in org.mule.api.transformer that return Transformer
 Transformer TransformerException.getTransformer()

Constructors in org.mule.api.transformer with parameters of type Transformer
TransformerException(Message message, Transformer transformer)
TransformerException(Message message, Transformer transformer, Throwable cause)
TransformerException(Transformer transformer, Throwable cause)

Uses of Transformer in org.mule.config.i18n

Methods in org.mule.config.i18n with parameters of type Transformer
static Message CoreMessages.transformerNotImplementDiscoverable(Transformer transformer)
static Message CoreMessages.transformHasMultipleMatches(Class input, Class output, Transformer transformer1, Transformer transformer2)

Uses of Transformer in org.mule.endpoint

Methods in org.mule.endpoint with parameters of type Transformer
 void AbstractEndpointBuilder.addTransformer(Transformer transformer)

Uses of Transformer in org.mule.example.bookstore.transformers

Classes in org.mule.example.bookstore.transformers that implement Transformer
 class AddBookResponse
          A call to addBook() returns a Long representing the number of books in the catalog.
 class OrderToEmailTransformer
          Composes an e-mail notification message to be sent based on the Book Order.
 class ParameterMapToBook
          Transforms a Map of HttpRequest parameters into a Book object.

Uses of Transformer in org.mule.example.errorhandler

Classes in org.mule.example.errorhandler that implement Transformer
 class ErrorMessageToException
          The ErrorMessageToException transformer extracts and returns the exception encapsulated by the ErrorMessage message payload.
 class ErrorMessageToExceptionBean
          The ErrorMessageToExceptionBean transformer returns the exception bean encapsulated by the ErrorMessage message payload.
 class ExceptionBeanToErrorMessage

Uses of Transformer in org.mule.example.hello

Classes in org.mule.example.hello that implement Transformer
 class ChatStringToString
          NameStringToChatString is a dummy transformer used in the hello world application to transform the ChatString object into a string.
 class ExceptionToString
          ExceptionToString converts an exception to a String, returning the exception's getMessage() result.
 class HttpRequestToNameString
 class NameStringToChatString
          NameStringToChatString converts from a NameString object to a ChatString object.
 class StdinToNameString
          The transformation removes break-lines and newlines from the string, which potentially could have been added during a stdin input operation.
 class StringToNameString
          StringToNameString converts from a String to a NameString object.

Uses of Transformer in org.mule.example.loanbroker.transformers

Classes in org.mule.example.loanbroker.transformers that implement Transformer
 class CreditProfileXmlToCreditProfile
 class LoanQuoteRequestToCreditProfileArgs
          Extracts the customer information from the request into an array of arguments used to invoke the Credit Agency MuleSession bean
 class RestRequestToCustomerRequest
          Converts parameters on the message into a CustomerQuoteRequest object
 class SetLendersAsRecipients
          Set the Recipient List property on the LoanBrokerQuoteRequest message based on the list of banks in LoanBrokerQuoteRequest.getLenders()

Uses of Transformer in org.mule.example.scripting

Classes in org.mule.example.scripting that implement Transformer
 class SimpleMathTransformer
          A simple transformer which adds/subtracts/multiplies/divides a constant factor to numeric messages.
 class StringToNumber
          Converts a string to a number.

Uses of Transformer in org.mule.expression.transformers

Classes in org.mule.expression.transformers that implement Transformer
 class AbstractExpressionTransformer
          This transformer will evaluate one or more expressions on the current message and return the results as an Array.
 class BeanBuilderTransformer
          This transformer uses the returnClass to create the return object and then will populate the bean with arguments defined as expressions
 class ExpressionTransformer
          This transformer will evaluate one or more expressions on the current message and return the results as an Array.

Uses of Transformer in org.mule.module.client

Classes in org.mule.module.client that implement Transformer
 class AbstractEventTransformer
          AbstractEventTransformer adds support for adding method details to the result message.
 class EventObjectTransformer
          EventObjectTransformer converts a java.util.EventObject into a DefaultMuleMessage.

Methods in org.mule.module.client that return Transformer
 Transformer MuleProxyListener.getEventTransformer()

Uses of Transformer in org.mule.module.scripting.transformer

Classes in org.mule.module.scripting.transformer that implement Transformer
 class ScriptTransformer
          Runs a script to perform transformation on an object.

Uses of Transformer in org.mule.module.spring.remoting

Classes in org.mule.module.spring.remoting that implement Transformer
 class ObjectToRemoteInvocationResultTransformer
          Converts an Object to a Spring RemoteInvocationResult and then into a byte[].
 class ObjectToRemoteInvocationTransformer
          Transforms a byte[] into an ObjectInputStream and then into a Spring RemoteInvocation instance.

Uses of Transformer in org.mule.module.xml.transformer

Classes in org.mule.module.xml.transformer that implement Transformer
 class AbstractXmlTransformer
          AbstractXmlTransformer offers some XSLT transform on a DOM (or other XML-ish) object.
 class AbstractXStreamTransformer
          AbstractXStreamTransformer is a base class for all XStream based transformers.
 class DomDocumentToXml
          DomDocumentToXml Transform a org.w3c.dom.Document to XML String
 class JXPathExtractor
          The JXPathExtractor is a simple transformer that evaluates an xpath expression against the given bean and that returns the result.
 class ObjectToXml
          ObjectToXml converts any object to XML using Xstream.
 class XmlPrettyPrinter
 class XmlToDomDocument
          XmlToDomDocument transforms a XML String to org.w3c.dom.Document.
 class XmlToObject
          XmlToObject converts xml created by the ObjectToXml transformer in to a java object graph.
 class XmlToOutputHandler
 class XmlToXMLStreamReader
 class XPathExtractor
          Simple transformer for using the JAXP XPath library to extract an XPath value from an XPath expression.
 class XsltTransformer
          XsltTransformer performs an XSLT transform on a DOM (or other XML-ish) object.

Constructors in org.mule.module.xml.transformer with parameters of type Transformer
XsltTransformer.DefaultErrorListener(Transformer trans)

Uses of Transformer in org.mule.registry

Methods in org.mule.registry that return Transformer
protected  Transformer MuleRegistryHelper.getNearestTransformerMatch(List trans, Class input, Class output)
 Transformer MuleRegistryHelper.lookupTransformer(Class inputType, Class outputType)
          Will find a transformer that is the closest match to the desired input and output.
 Transformer MuleRegistryHelper.lookupTransformer(String name)

Methods in org.mule.registry with parameters of type Transformer
 void MuleRegistryHelper.registerTransformer(Transformer transformer)

Uses of Transformer in org.mule.routing.outbound

Methods in org.mule.routing.outbound that return Transformer
 Transformer TransformerRouter.getTransformer()

Methods in org.mule.routing.outbound with parameters of type Transformer
 void TransformerRouter.setTransformer(Transformer transformer)

Uses of Transformer in org.mule.tck.functional

Classes in org.mule.tck.functional that implement Transformer
 class StringAppendTestTransformer

Uses of Transformer in org.mule.transformer

Classes in org.mule.transformer that implement Transformer
 class AbstractDiscoverableTransformer
 class AbstractMessageAwareTransformer
          AbstractMessageAwareTransformer is a transformer that has a reference to the current message.
 class AbstractTransformer
          AbstractTransformer is a base class for all transformers.
 class NoActionTransformer
          NoActionTransformer doesn't do any transformation on the source object and returns the source as the result.
 class TransformerCollection
 class TransformerTemplate

Methods in org.mule.transformer that return Transformer
static Transformer TransformerUtils.firstOrNull(List transformers)
 Transformer TransformerWeighting.getTransformer()

Constructors in org.mule.transformer with parameters of type Transformer
TransformerCollection(Transformer[] transformers)
TransformerWeighting(Class inputClass, Class outputClass, Transformer transformer)

Uses of Transformer in org.mule.transformer.codec

Classes in org.mule.transformer.codec that implement Transformer
 class Base64Decoder
          Base64Encoder transforms Base64 encoded data into strings or byte arrays.
 class Base64Encoder
          Base64Encoder transforms strings or byte arrays into Base64 encoded string.
 class XmlEntityDecoder
          Decodes a String or byte[] containing XML entities
 class XmlEntityEncoder
          Encodes a string with XML entities

Uses of Transformer in org.mule.transformer.compression

Classes in org.mule.transformer.compression that implement Transformer
 class AbstractCompressionTransformer
          AbstractCompressionTransformer is a base class for all transformers that can compress or uncompress data when they performa message transformation.
 class GZipCompressTransformer
          GZipCompressTransformer is a transformer compressing objects into byte arrays.
 class GZipUncompressTransformer
          GZipCompressTransformer will uncompress a byte[] or InputStream

Uses of Transformer in org.mule.transformer.encryption

Classes in org.mule.transformer.encryption that implement Transformer
 class AbstractEncryptionTransformer
          EncryptionTransformer will transform an array of bytes or string into an encrypted array of bytes
 class DecryptionTransformer
          EncryptionTransformer will transform an encrypted array of bytes or string into an decrypted array of bytes
 class EncryptionTransformer
          EncryptionTransformer will transform an array of bytes or string into an encrypted array of bytes

Uses of Transformer in org.mule.transformer.simple

Classes in org.mule.transformer.simple that implement Transformer
 class AutoTransformer
          A transformer that uses the transform discovery mechanism to convert the message payload.
 class ByteArrayToHexString
          Converts a Byte array to a Hex String.
 class ByteArrayToMuleMessage
 class ByteArrayToObject
          ByteArrayToObject works in the same way as ByteArrayToSerializable but checks if the byte array is a serialised object and if not will return a String created from the bytes as the returnType on the transformer.
 class ByteArrayToSerializable
          ByteArrayToSerializable converts a serialized object to its object representation
 class GetBeanProperty
          Looks up a property from a JavaBean using PropertyUtils.getProperty().
 class HexStringToByteArray
          Converts a Hex String to a Byte array
 class MapLookup
          MapLookup looks up and returns an object from a Map based on a key.
 class MessagePropertiesTransformer
          A configurable message transformer that allows users to add, overwrite and delete properties on the current message.
 class MuleMessageToByteArray
 class ObjectArrayToString
          ObjectArrayToString transformer is the opposite of StringToObjectArray - it simply converts Object[] to a String in which each element is separated by a configurable delimiter (default is a space).
 class ObjectToByteArray
          ObjectToByteArray converts serilaizable object to a byte array but treats java.lang.String differently by converting to bytes using the String.getBytrs() method.
 class ObjectToInputStream
          ObjectToInputStream converts serilaizable object to a input stream but treats java.lang.String differently by converting to bytes using the String.getBytrs() method.
 class ObjectToOutputHandler
          ObjectToOutputHandler converts a byte array into a String.
 class ObjectToString
          ObjectToString transformer is useful for debugging.
 class SerializableToByteArray
          SerializableToByteArray converts a serializable object or a String to a byte array.
 class StringAppendTransformer
 class StringToObjectArray
          StringToObjectArray converts a String into an object array.

Uses of Transformer in org.mule.transformer.wire

Fields in org.mule.transformer.wire declared as Transformer
protected  Transformer TransformerPairWireFormat.inboundTransformer
protected  Transformer TransformerPairWireFormat.outboundTransformer

Methods in org.mule.transformer.wire that return Transformer
 Transformer TransformerPairWireFormat.getInboundTransformer()
 Transformer TransformerPairWireFormat.getOutboundTransformer()

Methods in org.mule.transformer.wire with parameters of type Transformer
 void TransformerPairWireFormat.setInboundTransformer(Transformer inboundTransformer)
 void TransformerPairWireFormat.setOutboundTransformer(Transformer outboundTransformer)

Uses of Transformer in

Classes in that implement Transformer
 class EmailMessageToString
          EmailMessageToString extracts a java mail Message contents and returns a string.
 class MimeMessageToRfc822ByteArray
 class ObjectToMimeMessage
          Transforms a javax.mail.Message to a MuleMessage, with support for attachments
 class Rfc822ByteArraytoMimeMessage
 class StringToEmailMessage
          StringToEmailMessage will convert a String to a JavaMail Message, using the String as the contents.

Uses of Transformer in org.mule.transport.file.transformers

Classes in org.mule.transport.file.transformers that implement Transformer
 class FileToByteArray
          FileToByteArray reads the contents of a file as a byte array.
 class FileToString
          FileToString reads file contents into a string.

Uses of Transformer in org.mule.transport.http.transformers

Classes in org.mule.transport.http.transformers that implement Transformer
 class HttpClientMethodResponseToObject
          HttpClientMethodResponseToObject transforms a http client response to a DefaultMuleMessage.
 class HttpRequestBodyToParamMap
 class HttpResponseToString
          Converts an Http Response object to String.
 class MuleMessageToHttpResponse
          Converts a UMOMEssage into an Http response.
 class ObjectToHttpClientMethodRequest
          ObjectToHttpClientMethodRequest transforms a MuleMessage into a HttpClient HttpMethod that represents an HttpRequest.
 class ServletRequestToOutputHandler
          Adds support for converting a HttpServletRequest into an OutputHandler

Uses of Transformer in org.mule.transport.jms.transformers

Classes in org.mule.transport.jms.transformers that implement Transformer
 class AbstractJmsTransformer
          AbstractJmsTransformer is an abstract class that should be used for all transformers where a JMS message will be the transformed or transformee object.
 class JMSMessageToObject
          JMSMessageToObject Will convert a javax.jms.Message or sub-type into an object by extracting the message payload.
 class ObjectToJMSMessage
          ObjectToJMSMessage will convert any object to a javax.jms.Message or sub-type into an object.

Uses of Transformer in org.mule.transport.servlet.transformers

Classes in org.mule.transport.servlet.transformers that implement Transformer
 class HttpRequestToByteArray
          Converts an HttpServletRequest into an array of bytes by extracting the payload of the request.
 class HttpRequestToInputStream
          Converts an HttpServletRequest into an InputStream.
 class HttpRequestToParameter
 class HttpRequestToParameterMap
          Returns a simple Map of the parameters sent with the HTTP Request.

Uses of Transformer in org.mule.transport.soap.transformers

Classes in org.mule.transport.soap.transformers that implement Transformer
 class HttpRequestToSoapRequest
          A simple transformer for converting an Http GET request into a SOAP request.

Uses of Transformer in org.mule.transport.xmpp.transformers

Classes in org.mule.transport.xmpp.transformers that implement Transformer
 class ObjectToXmppPacket
          Creates an Xmpp message packet from a MuleMessage
 class XmppPacketToObject

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