Interface MutableMessageAdapter

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MessageAdapter, Serializable
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public interface MutableMessageAdapter
extends MessageAdapter

Defines a MessageAdapter that can have its payload re-assigned after it has been created. Transport message adapters must never use this interface since a message payload received from a transport is always consdered read-only.

Method Summary
 void setPayload(Object payload)
          Update the message payload.
Methods inherited from interface org.mule.api.transport.MessageAdapter
addAttachment, addProperties, addProperties, clearProperties, getAttachment, getAttachmentNames, getBooleanProperty, getCorrelationGroupSize, getCorrelationId, getCorrelationSequence, getDoubleProperty, getEncoding, getExceptionPayload, getIntProperty, getLongProperty, getPayload, getProperty, getProperty, getProperty, getPropertyNames, getPropertyNames, getReplyTo, getStringProperty, getUniqueId, release, removeAttachment, removeProperty, setBooleanProperty, setCorrelationGroupSize, setCorrelationId, setCorrelationSequence, setDoubleProperty, setEncoding, setExceptionPayload, setIntProperty, setLongProperty, setProperty, setProperty, setReplyTo, setStringProperty

Method Detail


void setPayload(Object payload)
Update the message payload. This is typically only called if the payload was originally an InputStream. In which case, if the InputStream is consumed, it needs to be replaced for future access.

payload - the object to assign as the message payload

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