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Packages that use MessageAdapter
org.mule The Mule implementation of the Universal Message Objects(tm) API specification. 
org.mule.api The Universal Message Object(tm) API provides a way for components to interact without needing to know about the protocol or delivery mechanisms of information passed between them 
org.mule.api.transport Contains the interfaces that comprise a provider implementation. 
org.mule.module.scripting.component Base classes for script based components such as BeanShell or Groovy. 
org.mule.routing Defines the core routing patterns supported by mule. 
org.mule.transport Contains Abstract classes providing common functionality for all Mule providers. 
org.mule.transport.ejb Provides pop3, smtp and imap connectivity for Mule
org.mule.transport.file Provides file transport in the form of a directory listeners and file dispatchers. 
org.mule.transport.http Provides http transport including proxy support. 
org.mule.transport.jms Provides Jms transport connectivity with support for all Jms features. 
org.mule.transport.multicast IP multicast connectivity for Mule
org.mule.transport.service Provides SPI support for building mule connectors and providers using service descriptors. 
org.mule.transport.soap.axis Provides an Axis soap transport for Mule
org.mule.transport.udp Provides Udp connectivity for Mule
org.mule.transport.vm A connector implementation allowing events to be passed between Mule sessions via in-memory queues. 

Uses of MessageAdapter in org.mule

Classes in org.mule that implement MessageAdapter
 class DefaultMessageCollection
          A MuleMessage type that manages a collection of MuleMessage Objects.
 class DefaultMuleMessage
          DefaultMuleMessage is a wrapper that contains a payload and properties associated with the payload.

Methods in org.mule that return MessageAdapter
 MessageAdapter DefaultMuleMessage.getAdapter()
          Returns the currently edited Message adapter for this message.
 MessageAdapter DefaultMuleMessage.getOriginalAdapter()
          Returns the original payload used to create this message.

Constructors in org.mule with parameters of type MessageAdapter
DefaultMuleMessage(Object message, MessageAdapter previous)

Uses of MessageAdapter in org.mule.api

Subinterfaces of MessageAdapter in org.mule.api
 interface MuleMessage
          MuleMessage represents a message payload.
 interface MuleMessageCollection
          An interface that defines a collection of Mule Messages and methods for working with the collection.

Methods in org.mule.api that return MessageAdapter
 MessageAdapter MuleMessage.getAdapter()
          Returns the currently edited Message adapter for this message.
 MessageAdapter MuleMessage.getOriginalAdapter()
          Returns the original payload used to create this message.

Uses of MessageAdapter in org.mule.api.transport

Subinterfaces of MessageAdapter in org.mule.api.transport
 interface MutableMessageAdapter
          Defines a MessageAdapter that can have its payload re-assigned after it has been created.

Methods in org.mule.api.transport that return MessageAdapter
 MessageAdapter Connector.getMessageAdapter(Object message)
          Gets a MessageAdapter from the connector for the given message (data)

Constructors in org.mule.api.transport with parameters of type MessageAdapter
UniqueIdNotSupportedException(MessageAdapter adapter)
UniqueIdNotSupportedException(MessageAdapter adapter, Message message)
UniqueIdNotSupportedException(MessageAdapter adapter, Throwable cause)

Uses of MessageAdapter in org.mule.module.scripting.component

Methods in org.mule.module.scripting.component with parameters of type MessageAdapter
 void Scriptable.populateBindings(javax.script.Bindings bindings, MessageAdapter message)

Uses of MessageAdapter in org.mule.routing

Methods in org.mule.routing with parameters of type MessageAdapter
 String CorrelationPropertiesExpressionEvaluator.getCorrelationId(MessageAdapter message)
 String CorrelationPropertiesExpressionEvaluator.getMessageId(MessageAdapter message)

Uses of MessageAdapter in org.mule.transport

Classes in org.mule.transport that implement MessageAdapter
 class AbstractMessageAdapter
          AbstractMessageAdapter provides a base implementation for simple message types that maybe don't normally allow for meta information, such as a File or TCP.
 class DefaultMessageAdapter
          DefaultMessageAdapter can be used to wrap an arbitary object where no special 'apapting' is needed.
 class WriterMessageAdapter
          WriterMessageAdapter wraps a and allows meta information to be associated with the Writer.

Methods in org.mule.transport that return MessageAdapter
 MessageAdapter AbstractConnector.getMessageAdapter(Object message)
          Gets a MessageAdapter for the endpoint for the given message (data)

Constructors in org.mule.transport with parameters of type MessageAdapter
AbstractMessageAdapter(MessageAdapter template)
          Creates a message adapter copying values from an existing one
DefaultMessageAdapter(Object message, MessageAdapter previous)

Uses of MessageAdapter in org.mule.transport.cxf

Classes in org.mule.transport.cxf that implement MessageAdapter
 class CxfMessageAdapter

Constructors in org.mule.transport.cxf with parameters of type MessageAdapter
CxfMessageAdapter(MessageAdapter msg)

Uses of MessageAdapter in org.mule.transport.cxf.transport

Methods in org.mule.transport.cxf.transport with parameters of type MessageAdapter
protected  MuleMessage MuleUniversalConduit.sendStream(MessageAdapter sa, OutboundEndpoint ep, org.apache.cxf.message.Exchange exchange)

Uses of MessageAdapter in org.mule.transport.ejb

Classes in org.mule.transport.ejb that implement MessageAdapter
 class EjbMessageAdapter

Uses of MessageAdapter in

Classes in that implement MessageAdapter
 class MailMessageAdapter
          MailMessageAdapter is a wrapper for a javax.mail.Message that separates multi-part mail messages, storing all but the first part as attachments to the underlying AbstractMessageAdapter.
 class SimpleMailMessageAdapter
          SimpleMailMessageAdapter is an adapter for mail messages.

Uses of MessageAdapter in org.mule.transport.file

Classes in org.mule.transport.file that implement MessageAdapter
 class FileContentsMessageAdapter
          FileContentsMessageAdapter provides a wrapper for file data.
 class FileMessageAdapter
          FileMessageAdapter provides a wrapper for a file reference.

Methods in org.mule.transport.file that return MessageAdapter
 MessageAdapter FileConnector.getMessageAdapter(Object message)

Methods in org.mule.transport.file with parameters of type MessageAdapter
 String ExpressionFilenameParser.getFilename(MessageAdapter adapter, String expression)
 String FilenameParser.getFilename(MessageAdapter adapter, String pattern)
 String SimpleFilenameParser.getFilename(MessageAdapter adapter, String pattern)
protected  String ExpressionFilenameParser.getFilename(MessageAdapter adapter, String expression, TemplateParser parser)
protected  String SimpleFilenameParser.getFilename(MessageAdapter adapter, String pattern, TemplateParser parser)

Uses of MessageAdapter in org.mule.transport.http

Classes in org.mule.transport.http that implement MessageAdapter
 class HttpMessageAdapter
          HttpMessageAdapter Wraps an incoming Http Request making the payload and headers available as standard message adapter.

Methods in org.mule.transport.http that return MessageAdapter
protected  MessageAdapter HttpMessageReceiver.HttpWorker.buildStandardAdapter(HttpRequest request, Map headers)

Uses of MessageAdapter in org.mule.transport.jms

Classes in org.mule.transport.jms that implement MessageAdapter
 class JmsMessageAdapter
          JmsMessageAdapter allows a DefaultMuleEvent to access the properties and payload of a JMS Message in a uniform way.

Methods in org.mule.transport.jms that return MessageAdapter
 MessageAdapter JmsConnector.getMessageAdapter(Object message)

Uses of MessageAdapter in org.mule.transport.multicast

Classes in org.mule.transport.multicast that implement MessageAdapter
 class MulticastMessageAdapter
          MulticastMessageAdapter TODO

Uses of MessageAdapter in org.mule.transport.rmi

Classes in org.mule.transport.rmi that implement MessageAdapter
 class RmiMessageAdapter
          Wraps an object obtained by calling a method on a Remote object

Uses of MessageAdapter in org.mule.transport.service

Methods in org.mule.transport.service that return MessageAdapter
 MessageAdapter DefaultTransportServiceDescriptor.createMessageAdapter(Object message)
 MessageAdapter TransportServiceDescriptor.createMessageAdapter(Object message)
protected  MessageAdapter DefaultTransportServiceDescriptor.createMessageAdapter(Object message, String clazz)

Uses of MessageAdapter in org.mule.transport.servlet

Classes in org.mule.transport.servlet that implement MessageAdapter
 class HttpRequestMessageAdapter
          HttpRequestMessageAdapter is a Mule message adapter for javax.servletHttpServletRequest objects.

Uses of MessageAdapter in org.mule.transport.soap.axis

Classes in org.mule.transport.soap.axis that implement MessageAdapter
 class AxisMessageAdapter
          AxisMessageAdapter wraps a soap message.

Uses of MessageAdapter in org.mule.transport.udp

Classes in org.mule.transport.udp that implement MessageAdapter
 class UdpMessageAdapter

Uses of MessageAdapter in org.mule.transport.vm

Methods in org.mule.transport.vm that return MessageAdapter
 MessageAdapter VMConnector.getMessageAdapter(Object message)

Uses of MessageAdapter in org.mule.transport.xmpp

Classes in org.mule.transport.xmpp that implement MessageAdapter
 class XmppMessageAdapter
          XmppMessageAdapter wraps a Smack XMPP packet

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