Package org.mule.component

Class Summary
AbstractComponent Abstract Component to be used by all Component implementations.
AbstractJavaComponent Abstract implementation of JavaComponent adds JavaComponent specific's: EntryPointResolverSet, BindingCollection and ObjectFactory.
ComponentInterceptorInvoker InterceptorsInvoker is used to trigger an interceptor chain.
DefaultJavaComponent Default implementation of JavaComponent.
DefaultLifecycleAdapter DefaultLifecycleAdapter provides lifecycle methods for all Mule managed components.
DefaultLifecycleAdapterFactory DefaultLifecycleAdapterFactory creates a DefaultLifeCycleAdapter.
NullLifecycleAdapter NullLifecycleAdapter is a lifecycle adaptor implementation that performs no Mule lifecycle propagation to Mule service component implementations.
PooledJavaComponent PooledJavaComponent implements pooling.
SimpleCallableJavaComponent Simple JavaComponent implementation to be used when LifecycleAdapter is not required because i) the object instance implements Callable and so entry-point resolution is required and ii) component bindings are not used.
An ObjectFactory can be set but must return object instances that implement Callable.

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