Class BridgeComponent

  extended by org.mule.component.simple.BridgeComponent
All Implemented Interfaces:
Callable, EventListener, ServiceAware

Deprecated. along with bridge-service - use an empty service and, if you want an efficient transfer of messages, add a forwarding-consumer.

public class BridgeComponent
extends Object
implements ServiceAware, Callable

The BridgeComponent is a standard Mule service that enables a bridge between an inbound and outbound endpoints. Transformers can be used on the endpoints to convert the data being received in order to 'bridge' from one endpoint transport to another. When the BridgeComponent is used, it configures itself so that it will not actually be invoked, instead it tells Mule to bypass invocation of the service, which has a slight performance improvement. Note that because the service is never actually invoked any interceptors configured on the service will not be invoked either.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 Object onCall(MuleEventContext context)
          Deprecated. Passes the event to the listener
 void setService(Service service)
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Constructor Detail


public BridgeComponent()
Method Detail


public Object onCall(MuleEventContext context)
              throws Exception
Description copied from interface: Callable
Passes the event to the listener

Specified by:
onCall in interface Callable
context - the context of the current event being process
Object this object can be anything. When the LifecycleAdapter for the service receives this object it will first see if the Object is an MuleMessage if not and the Object is not null a new message will be created using the returned object as the payload. This new event will then get published via the configured outbound router if-
  1. One has been configured for the component.
  2. the setStopFurtherProcessing(true) wasn't called on the event context event.
Exception - if the event fails to process properly. If exceptions aren't handled by the implementation they will be handled by the exceptionListener associated with the service


public void setService(Service service)
                throws ConfigurationException
Specified by:
setService in interface ServiceAware

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