Class Summary
AbstractConfigurationBuilder A support class for ConfigurationBuilder implementations that handles the logic of creating config arrays and Properties arguments
AbstractResourceConfigurationBuilder Abstract ConfigurationBuilder implementation used for ConfigurationBuider's that use one of more configuration resources of the same type that are defined using strings or ConfigResource objects.
AutoConfigurationBuilder Configures Mule from a configuration resource or comma seperated list of configuration resources by auto-detecting the ConfigurationBuilder to use for each resource.
DefaultsConfigurationBuilder Configures defaults required by Mule.
MuleXmlBuilderContextListener MuleXmlBuilderContextListener is a bootstrap listener used to construct a MuleManager instance.
SimpleConfigurationBuilder This simple ConfgurationBuilder implementation.
WebappMuleXmlConfigurationBuilder WebappMuleXmlConfigurationBuilder will first try and load config resources using the ServletContext and if this fails then it will attempt to load config resource from the classpath.

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