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Packages that use MuleChildDefinitionParser
org.mule.config.spring.parsers Classes that help to construct a Mule model via Spring's XML specification. 
org.mule.config.spring.parsers.collection Support for building collections, or adding an element to a collection in a parent bean. 
org.mule.config.spring.parsers.generic General support for bean construction. 
org.mule.config.spring.parsers.specific Targetted support for specific components in the Mule system. 

Uses of MuleChildDefinitionParser in org.mule.config.spring.parsers

Classes in org.mule.config.spring.parsers that implement MuleChildDefinitionParser
 class AbstractChildDefinitionParser
          This definition parser supports the definition of beans that are then set on the parent bean - it extends AbstractHierarchicalDefinitionParser with methods that assume the data are associated with a single property.

Uses of MuleChildDefinitionParser in org.mule.config.spring.parsers.collection

Classes in org.mule.config.spring.parsers.collection that implement MuleChildDefinitionParser
 class AttributeListEntryDefinitionParser
 class AttributeMapDefinitionParser
          Creates a single, stand-alone map object and processes all attributes to this map
 class ChildListDefinitionParser
 class ChildListEntryDefinitionParser
          Process an element as a value that is appended to a list in the parent object (the enclosing XML element).
 class ChildMapDefinitionParser
          Creates a single Map and processes standard Spring sub elements.
 class ChildMapEntryDefinitionParser
 class ChildPropertiesDefinitionParser
          Creates a single Properties object and processes standard Spring sub elements.
 class ChildSingletonMapDefinitionParser

Uses of MuleChildDefinitionParser in org.mule.config.spring.parsers.delegate

Classes in org.mule.config.spring.parsers.delegate that implement MuleChildDefinitionParser
 class AbstractSingleParentFamilyChildDefinitionParser
 class MapDefinitionParserMutator
          This changes a ChildDefinitionParser so that it generates a map instead of a bean definition.

Methods in org.mule.config.spring.parsers.delegate that return MuleChildDefinitionParser
protected  MuleChildDefinitionParser AbstractSingleParentFamilyDefinitionParser.addChildDelegate(MuleChildDefinitionParser delegate)

Methods in org.mule.config.spring.parsers.delegate with parameters of type MuleChildDefinitionParser
protected  MuleChildDefinitionParser AbstractSingleParentFamilyDefinitionParser.addChildDelegate(MuleChildDefinitionParser delegate)
 SingleParentFamilyDefinitionParser SingleParentFamilyDefinitionParser.addChildDelegate(String[] attributes, MuleChildDefinitionParser delegate)
 SingleParentFamilyDefinitionParser SingleParentFamilyDefinitionParser.addChildDelegate(String attribute, MuleChildDefinitionParser delegate)

Uses of MuleChildDefinitionParser in org.mule.config.spring.parsers.generic

Classes in org.mule.config.spring.parsers.generic that implement MuleChildDefinitionParser
 class AttributePropertiesDefinitionParser
 class ChildDefinitionParser
          Creates a definition parser that will construct a single child element and inject it into the parent object (the enclosing XML element).
 class DescendentDefinitionParser
          An extension to which recurses up the DOM tree until it finds a named parent.
 class GrandchildDefinitionParser
          Same as ChildDefinitionParser but injects the child element into the grandparent object (2 levels up in the XML tree).
 class OptionalChildDefinitionParser
          This class should be used when the same element can be configured as a child or an orphan (i.e., top-level).
 class TextDefinitionParser
          Grabs the text from an element and injects it into the parent, for example: A bunch of text. registerBeanDefinitionParser("foo", new OrphanDefinitionParser(Foo.class)); registerBeanDefinitionParser("bar-text", new TextDefinitionParser("barText")); will result in a call to Foo.setBarText("A bunch of text.")

Uses of MuleChildDefinitionParser in org.mule.config.spring.parsers.specific

Classes in org.mule.config.spring.parsers.specific that implement MuleChildDefinitionParser
 class BindingDefinitionParser
          Binding definition parser for parsing all binding elements configured as part of the service.
 class ComponentDefinitionParser
 class ConfigurationChildDefinitionParser
          Extend ChildDefinitionParser to include logic for identifying parent configuration element (since this only applies to "default" elements there's an ugliness here - contradicitions (non-default children of configuration) are avoided by the mule.xsd schema).
 class DataObjectDefinitionParser
          Represents a static config data object where the body of the element can be the data of a file attribute can be set.
 class ExceptionTXFilterDefinitionParser
 class InterceptorDefinitionParser
          This allows a interceptor to be defined on a global interceptor stack or on a service.
 class NotificationDefinitionParser
 class ObjectFactoryDefinitionParser
 class PoolingProfileDefinitionParser
          This parser is responsible for processing the configuration elements.
 class RouterDefinitionParser
          Generic router definition parser for parsing all Router elements.
 class ServiceOverridesDefinitionParser
          Sets a Map of service overrides on the parent connector
 class ShortcutComponentDefinitionParser
 class SimpleComponentDefinitionParser
          Used to parse shortcut elements for simple built-in components such as BridgeComponent, org.mule.component.simple.EchoComponent and org.mule.component.simple.LogComponent.
 class ThreadingProfileDefinitionParser
          This parser is responsible for processing the configuration elements.
 class TransactionConfigDefinitionParser

Uses of MuleChildDefinitionParser in org.mule.config.spring.parsers.specific.endpoint

Classes in org.mule.config.spring.parsers.specific.endpoint that implement MuleChildDefinitionParser
 class EndpointPropertyElementDefinitionParser
          This parser parses nested endpoint elements adding the resulting beans to the map of properties on the EndpointBuilder rather than attempting to inject them on the EndpointBuilder itself.
 class GenericEndpointDefinitionParser

Uses of MuleChildDefinitionParser in

Classes in that implement MuleChildDefinitionParser
 class ChildAddressDefinitionParser
          Generate an Endpoint URI from simple address components.
 class ChildEndpointDefinitionParser
          A parser for "embedded" endpoints - ie inbound, outbound and response endpoints.

Uses of MuleChildDefinitionParser in

Classes in that implement MuleChildDefinitionParser
 class SimplePropertyDefinitionParser

Uses of MuleChildDefinitionParser in org.mule.module.scripting.config

Classes in org.mule.module.scripting.config that implement MuleChildDefinitionParser
 class ScriptComponentDefinitionParser
 class ScriptDefinitionParser

Uses of MuleChildDefinitionParser in org.mule.module.xml.config

Classes in org.mule.module.xml.config that implement MuleChildDefinitionParser
 class XsltTextDefinitionParser

Uses of MuleChildDefinitionParser in org.mule.tck.config

Classes in org.mule.tck.config that implement MuleChildDefinitionParser
 class TestComponentDefinitionParser
          Configures a FunctionalTestComponent wrapped as a JavaComponent.

Uses of MuleChildDefinitionParser in org.mule.transport.cxf.config

Classes in org.mule.transport.cxf.config that implement MuleChildDefinitionParser
 class EndpointChildDefinitionParser

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