Class OptimisedNotificationHandler

  extended by org.mule.context.notification.OptimisedNotificationHandler
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class OptimisedNotificationHandler
extends Object
implements ServerNotificationHandler

Optimized to make a quick decision on a particular class of messages.

Constructor Summary
OptimisedNotificationHandler(ServerNotificationHandler delegate, Class type)
Method Summary
 void fireNotification(ServerNotification notification)
 boolean isNotificationDynamic()
 boolean isNotificationEnabled(Class notfnClass)
          This returns a very "conservative" value - it is true if the notification or any subclass would be accepted.
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Constructor Detail


public OptimisedNotificationHandler(ServerNotificationHandler delegate,
                                    Class type)
Method Detail


public boolean isNotificationDynamic()
Specified by:
isNotificationDynamic in interface ServerNotificationHandler


public boolean isNotificationEnabled(Class notfnClass)
This returns a very "conservative" value - it is true if the notification or any subclass would be accepted. So if it returns false then you can be sure that there is no need to send the notification. On the other hand, if it returns true there is no guarantee that the notification "really" will be dispatched to any listener.

Specified by:
isNotificationEnabled in interface ServerNotificationHandler
notfnClass - Either the notification class being generated or some superclass
false if there is no need to dispatch the notification


public void fireNotification(ServerNotification notification)
Specified by:
fireNotification in interface ServerNotificationHandler

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