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Packages that use AbstractEndpointBuilder
org.mule.endpoint Implemtation of Mule endpoint uris. 

Uses of AbstractEndpointBuilder in org.mule.config.spring.factories

Subclasses of AbstractEndpointBuilder in org.mule.config.spring.factories
 class AbstractEndpointFactoryBean
          Abstract spring FactoryBean used to creating endpoints via spring.
 class EndpointFactoryBean
          Endpoint factory bean which uses type attribute to determine endpoint type (Used by 1to2migration module)
 class InboundEndpointFactoryBean
          Spring FactoryBean used to create concrete instances of inbound endpoints
 class OutboundEndpointFactoryBean
          Spring FactoryBean used to create concrete instances of outbound endpoints

Uses of AbstractEndpointBuilder in org.mule.endpoint

Subclasses of AbstractEndpointBuilder in org.mule.endpoint
 class EndpointURIEndpointBuilder

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