Class CreditAgencyGateway

  extended by org.mule.example.loanbroker.esb.CreditAgencyGateway

public class CreditAgencyGateway
extends Object

This service is the gateway used to pass requests to the credit agency service. For the sake of the example we've added some complexity here. 1) We use a _component binding_ to bind the CreditAgencyService to the remote CreditAgencyService EJB instance. 2) The argument passed into this interface binding is Customer but the EJB instance needs only a String (name) and Integer (ssn). Also the EJB service returns an XML message, but we convert it to a CreditProfile object. We demonstrate how to perform argument transalations by configuring transformers and response-transformers on an endpoint.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 CreditAgencyService getCreditAgencyService()
 LoanBrokerQuoteRequest process(LoanBrokerQuoteRequest request)
 void setCreditAgencyService(CreditAgencyService creditAgencyService)
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Constructor Detail


public CreditAgencyGateway()
Method Detail


public LoanBrokerQuoteRequest process(LoanBrokerQuoteRequest request)


public CreditAgencyService getCreditAgencyService()


public void setCreditAgencyService(CreditAgencyService creditAgencyService)

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