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Packages that use ComponentStatistics
org.mule.component Jmx statistics support used to monitor messaging status for various Mule components. 

Uses of ComponentStatistics in org.mule.api.component

Methods in org.mule.api.component that return ComponentStatistics
 ComponentStatistics Component.getStatistics()
          Component statistics are used to gather component statistics such as sync/async invocation counts and total and average execution time.

Uses of ComponentStatistics in org.mule.component

Fields in org.mule.component declared as ComponentStatistics
protected  ComponentStatistics AbstractComponent.statistics

Methods in org.mule.component that return ComponentStatistics
 ComponentStatistics AbstractComponent.getStatistics()

Uses of ComponentStatistics in

Methods in that return ComponentStatistics
 ComponentStatistics ServiceStatistics.getComponentStat()

Methods in with parameters of type ComponentStatistics
 void ServiceStatistics.setComponentStat(ComponentStatistics componentStat)

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