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Packages that use RouterStatistics
org.mule.api.routing Interfaces that define inbound and outbound routing API. Jmx statistics support used to monitor messaging status for various Mule components. Various statistics printers, for table, plain and CVS formats. Jmx Management beans for mule components, the model and the Mule server. 
org.mule.routing Defines the core routing patterns supported by mule. 

Uses of RouterStatistics in org.mule.api.routing

Methods in org.mule.api.routing that return RouterStatistics
 RouterStatistics Router.getRouterStatistics()
 RouterStatistics RouterCollection.getStatistics()

Methods in org.mule.api.routing with parameters of type RouterStatistics
 void Router.setRouterStatistics(RouterStatistics stats)
 void RouterCollection.setStatistics(RouterStatistics stat)

Uses of RouterStatistics in

Methods in that return RouterStatistics
 RouterStatistics ServiceStatistics.getInboundRouterStat()
 RouterStatistics ServiceStatistics.getOutboundRouterStat()

Methods in with parameters of type RouterStatistics
 void ServiceStatistics.setInboundRouterStat(RouterStatistics inboundRouterStat)
 void ServiceStatistics.setOutboundRouterStat(RouterStatistics outboundRouterStat)

Uses of RouterStatistics in

Methods in with parameters of type RouterStatistics
protected  int AbstractTablePrinter.getRouterInfo(RouterStatistics stats, String[] col, int index)
protected  int XMLPrinter.getRouterInfo(RouterStatistics stats, String[] col, int index)

Uses of RouterStatistics in

Constructors in with parameters of type RouterStatistics
RouterStats(RouterStatistics statistics)

Uses of RouterStatistics in org.mule.routing

Fields in org.mule.routing declared as RouterStatistics
protected  RouterStatistics AbstractCatchAllStrategy.statistics
          Router statistics used to monitor if a catch all strategy is invoked and if any events are dispatched from the strategy i.e.

Methods in org.mule.routing that return RouterStatistics
 RouterStatistics AbstractRouter.getRouterStatistics()
 RouterStatistics AbstractCatchAllStrategy.getStatistics()
 RouterStatistics AbstractRouterCollection.getStatistics()

Methods in org.mule.routing with parameters of type RouterStatistics
 void AbstractRouter.setRouterStatistics(RouterStatistics stats)
 void AbstractCatchAllStrategy.setStatistics(RouterStatistics statistics)
 void AbstractRouterCollection.setStatistics(RouterStatistics stat)

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