Class JmxRegistrationContext

  extended by

public class JmxRegistrationContext
extends Object

Stores JMX info pertinent to the currently intialising Mule manager with JMX management enabled. The info is being kept for the duration of Mule server life, and cleared on manager disposal.

The main reason for that class is that JmxAgent prepares only the JMX foundation, while the agents following it may require some contextual information about Mule's JMX, such as a currently resolved Mule domain name (if non-clashing JMX domains support is enabled, which is by default). Otherwise, they are left unaware of the previous work, and a random number of JMX domains might be created for Mule.

Method Summary
static JmxRegistrationContext getCurrent(MuleContext context)
          Get current context or create one if none exist for the current startup cycle.
 String getResolvedDomain()
          Getter for property 'resolvedDomain'.
 void setResolvedDomain(String resolvedDomain)
          Setter for property 'resolvedDomain'.
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Method Detail


public static JmxRegistrationContext getCurrent(MuleContext context)
Get current context or create one if none exist for the current startup cycle.

jmx registration context


public String getResolvedDomain()
Getter for property 'resolvedDomain'.

Value for property 'resolvedDomain'.


public void setResolvedDomain(String resolvedDomain)
Setter for property 'resolvedDomain'.

resolvedDomain - Value to set for property 'resolvedDomain'.

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