Interface MuleSubscriptionEventListener

All Superinterfaces:
org.springframework.context.ApplicationListener, EventListener, MuleEventListener

public interface MuleSubscriptionEventListener
extends MuleEventListener

MuleSubscriptionEventListener is a Spring ApplicationListener that is used to register interest about Mule events. The developer can supply an array of endpoints that it wishes to subscribe to. i.e. new String[]{ "file/C:/dev/test/data", "my.jms.queue", ""}; You can aslo specify logical endpoints that are configured on the Mule Server so you can use more friendly names such as new String[]{ "testData", "OrdersJms", "eventsHttp"}; By specifying '*' as the subscription, all events will be received by this listener.

Method Summary
 String[] getSubscriptions()
 void setSubscriptions(String[] subscriptions)
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Method Detail


String[] getSubscriptions()


void setSubscriptions(String[] subscriptions)

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