Package org.mule.module.xml.transformer

Xml and Xslt Transformer implementations.


Interface Summary
AbstractXmlTransformer.ResultHolder Result callback interface used when processing XML through JAXP
DelayedResult A result type which delays writing until something further down stream can setup the underlying output result.

Class Summary
AbstractXmlTransformer AbstractXmlTransformer offers some XSLT transform on a DOM (or other XML-ish) object.
AbstractXStreamTransformer AbstractXStreamTransformer is a base class for all XStream based transformers.
DomDocumentToXml DomDocumentToXml Transform a org.w3c.dom.Document to XML String
JXPathExtractor The JXPathExtractor is a simple transformer that evaluates an xpath expression against the given bean and that returns the result.
ObjectToXml ObjectToXml converts any object to XML using Xstream.
XmlToDomDocument XmlToDomDocument transforms a XML String to org.w3c.dom.Document.
XmlToObject XmlToObject converts xml created by the ObjectToXml transformer in to a java object graph.
XPathExtractor Simple transformer for using the JAXP XPath library to extract an XPath value from an XPath expression.
XsltTransformer XsltTransformer performs an XSLT transform on a DOM (or other XML-ish) object.
XStreamFactory Initializes the XStream utility for converting Objects to XML and XML to Objects.

Enum Summary
XPathExtractor.ResultType Result type.

Package org.mule.module.xml.transformer Description

Xml and Xslt Transformer implementations.

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