Package org.mule

The Mule implementation of the Universal Message Objects(tm) API specification.


Class Summary
AbstractAgent Implements common methods for all Agents.
AbstractExceptionListener AbstractExceptionListener is a base implementation that custom Exception Listeners can override.
DefaultExceptionStrategy DefaultExceptionStrategy provides a default exception handling strategy.
DefaultMessageCollection A MuleMessage type that manages a collection of MuleMessage Objects.
DefaultMuleEvent DefaultMuleEvent represents any data event occuring in the Mule environment.
DefaultMuleEventContext DefaultMuleEventContext is the context object for the current request.
DefaultMuleMessage DefaultMuleMessage is a wrapper that contains a payload and properties associated with the payload.
DefaultMuleSession DefaultMuleSession manages the interaction and distribution of events for Mule Services.
MuleServer MuleServer is a simple application that represents a local Mule Server daemon.
MuleSessionHandler A default session handler used to store and retrieve session information on an event.
MuleShutdownHook The shutdown thread used by the server when its main thread is terminated
NullSessionHandler A session handler that ignores any session information
OptimizedRequestContext NOT FOR PUBLIC USE - please use the interface provided by RequestContext.
RegistryContext A handle to the Mule Registry.
RequestContext RequestContext is a thread context where components can get the current event or set response properties that will be sent on the outgoing message.
ResponseOutputStream ResponseOutputStream is an output stream associated with the currently received event.

Exception Summary
FailedToQueueEventException FailedToQueueEventException is thrown when an event cannot be put on an internal service queue.

Package org.mule Description

The Mule implementation of the Universal Message Objects(tm) API specification.

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