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org.mule.routing.inbound Inbound router implementation as described in the Enterprise Integration Patterns book. 

Uses of SelectiveConsumer in org.mule.example.loanbroker.routers

Subclasses of SelectiveConsumer in org.mule.example.loanbroker.routers
 class BankQuotesInboundAggregator
          BankQuotesInboundAggregator receives a number of quotes and selects the lowest

Uses of SelectiveConsumer in org.mule.routing.inbound

Subclasses of SelectiveConsumer in org.mule.routing.inbound
 class AbstractCorrelationAggregator
          CorrelationAggregator uses the CorrelationID and CorrelationGroupSize properties of the MuleMessage to manage message groups.
 class AbstractEventAggregator
          AbstractEventAggregator will aggregate a set of messages into a single message.
 class CorrelationEventResequencer
          CorrelationEventResequencer is used to resequence events according to their dispatch sequence in the correlation group.
 class ForwardingConsumer
          ForwardingConsumer is used to forward an incoming event over another transport without invoking a service.
 class IdempotentReceiver
          IdempotentReceiver ensures that only unique messages are received by a service.
 class IdempotentSecureHashReceiver
          IdempotentSecureHashReceiver ensures that only unique messages are received by a service.
 class InboundPassThroughRouter
          InboundPassThroughRouter allows inbound routing over all registered endpoints without any filtering.
 class MessageChunkingAggregator
 class SimpleCollectionAggregator
          This router will return all aggregated events as a MuleMessageCollection.
 class WireTap
          An inbound router that can forward every message to another destination as defined in the "endpoint" property.

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