Class DefaultRouterResultsHandler

  extended by org.mule.routing.outbound.DefaultRouterResultsHandler
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class DefaultRouterResultsHandler
extends Object
implements RouterResultsHandler

The default results handler for all outbound endpoint. Depending on the number of messages passed it the returning message will be different. If the 'results' param is null or empty, null is returned. If the 'results' param contains a single MuleMessage, than that message is returned. If the 'results' param contains more than one message a MuleMessageCollection instance is returned.

Note that right now (as of Mule 2.0.1) this SPI is not pluggable and this implementation is the default and only implementation.

See Also:
MuleMessageCollection, MuleMessage, DefaultMessageCollection

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 MuleMessage aggregateResults(List results, MuleMessage orginalMessage)
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Constructor Detail


public DefaultRouterResultsHandler()
Method Detail


public MuleMessage aggregateResults(List results,
                                    MuleMessage orginalMessage)
Specified by:
aggregateResults in interface RouterResultsHandler

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