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Packages that use AbstractRoundRobinMessageSplitter
org.mule.routing.outbound Outbound router implementation as described in the Enterprise Integration Patterns book. 

Uses of AbstractRoundRobinMessageSplitter in org.mule.module.xml.routing

Subclasses of AbstractRoundRobinMessageSplitter in org.mule.module.xml.routing
 class FilterBasedXmlMessageSplitter
          This splitter will select the endpoint to send a message part on by filtering parts using the endpoint filters.
 class XmlMessageSplitter
          XmlMessageSplitter will split a DOM4J document into nodes based on the "splitExpression" property.

Uses of AbstractRoundRobinMessageSplitter in org.mule.routing.outbound

Subclasses of AbstractRoundRobinMessageSplitter in org.mule.routing.outbound
 class ExpressionMessageSplitter
          Evaluates a single expression and adds the results of the expression as individual message parts.
 class ListMessageSplitter
          FilteringListMessageSplitter accepts a List as a message payload then routes list elements as messages over an endpoint where the endpoint's filter accepts the payload.

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