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Packages that use AbstractResponseAggregator
org.mule.routing.response Response router implementations that enable asynchronous event processing in request /response messaging requests. 

Uses of AbstractResponseAggregator in org.mule.example.loanbroker.routers

Subclasses of AbstractResponseAggregator in org.mule.example.loanbroker.routers
 class BankQuotesResponseAggregator
          BankQuotesInboundAggregator receives a number of quotes and selects the lowest

Uses of AbstractResponseAggregator in org.mule.routing.response

Subclasses of AbstractResponseAggregator in org.mule.routing.response
 class ResponseCorrelationAggregator
          ResponseCorrelationAggregator Correlates one or more events on a response flow using the Correlation Id to group events.
 class SimpleCollectionResponseAggregator
          A simple aggregator that will keep collecting events until a timeout is reached.
 class SingleResponseRouter
          Handles single event responses from a replyTo address.

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