Package org.mule.transformer.simple

Basic transformer implementations.


Class Summary
AutoTransformer A transformer that uses the transform discovery mechanism to convert the message payload.
ByteArrayToHexString Converts a Byte array to a Hex String.
ByteArrayToMuleMessage TODO
ByteArrayToObject ByteArrayToObject works in the same way as ByteArrayToSerializable but checks if the byte array is a serialised object and if not will return a String created from the bytes as the returnType on the transformer.
ByteArrayToSerializable ByteArrayToSerializable converts a serialized object to its object representation
GetBeanProperty Looks up a property from a JavaBean using PropertyUtils.getProperty().
HexStringToByteArray Converts a Hex String to a Byte array
MapLookup MapLookup looks up and returns an object from a Map based on a key.
MessagePropertiesTransformer A configurable message transformer that allows users to add, overwrite and delete properties on the current message.
MuleMessageToByteArray TODO
ObjectArrayToString ObjectArrayToString transformer is the opposite of StringToObjectArray - it simply converts Object[] to a String in which each element is separated by a configurable delimiter (default is a space).
ObjectToByteArray ObjectToByteArray converts serilaizable object to a byte array but treats java.lang.String differently by converting to bytes using the String.getBytrs() method.
ObjectToInputStream ObjectToInputStream converts serilaizable object to a input stream but treats java.lang.String differently by converting to bytes using the String.getBytrs() method.
ObjectToOutputHandler ObjectToOutputHandler converts a byte array into a String.
ObjectToString ObjectToString transformer is useful for debugging.
SerializableToByteArray SerializableToByteArray converts a serializable object or a String to a byte array.
StringToObjectArray StringToObjectArray converts a String into an object array.

Package org.mule.transformer.simple Description

Basic transformer implementations.

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