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Packages that use LoggingActionHandler

Uses of LoggingActionHandler in org.mule.example.loanbroker.bpm.actions

Subclasses of LoggingActionHandler in org.mule.example.loanbroker.bpm.actions
 class PrepareLoanQuoteRequest
          Prepares a loan request for the banks based on the original customer request and the customer's credit profile.

Uses of LoggingActionHandler in org.mule.transport.bpm.jbpm.actions

Subclasses of LoggingActionHandler in org.mule.transport.bpm.jbpm.actions
 class IntegrationActionHandler
 class SendMuleEvent
          Sends a Mule message to the specified endpoint.
 class SendMuleEventAndContinue
          Sends a Mule message to the specified endpoint and continues execution to the next state.
 class StoreIncomingData
          Stores the incoming message payload into the specified variable.
 class ValidateMessageSource
          Throws an exception if the message's source is not as expected.
 class ValidateMessageType
          Throws an exception if the incoming message's class is not as expected.

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