Package org.mule.transport.cxf

Class Summary
CxfComponentExceptionStrategy This exception strategy forces the exception thrown from a web service invocation to be passed as-is, not wrapped in a Mule exception object.
CxfConnector Connects Mule to a CXF bus instance.
CxfMessageDispatcher The CxfMessageDispatcher is used for making Soap client requests to remote services.
CxfMessageDispatcherFactory Creates a CXF Message dispatcher used for making requests using the CXF client.
CxfMessageReceiver Create a CXF service.
CxfMessageRequester AxisMessageDispatcher is used to make soap requests via the Axis soap client.
CxfMessageRequesterFactory CxfMessageRequesterFactory creates an CxfMessageRequester, used for making SOAP calls using the CXF framework.
CxfMuleSession Mules session wrapper for XFire
CxfServiceComponent The CXF receives messages from Mule, converts them into CXF messages and dispatches them into the receiving CXF destination.
MuleInvoker Invokes a Mule Service via a CXF binding.

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