Package org.mule.transport.servlet

Class Summary
AbstractReceiverServlet A base servlet used to receive requests from a servlet container and route them into Mule
HttpRequestMessageAdapter HttpRequestMessageAdapter is a Mule message adapter for javax.servletHttpServletRequest objects.
MuleReceiverServlet Receives Http requests via a Servlet and routes them to listeners with servlet:// endpoints

There needs to be a ServletConnector configured on the Mule Server, this connector must have the servletUrl property set that matches the Url for the container that this Servlet is hosted in, i.e.

MuleRESTReceiverServlet MuleRESTReceiverServlet is used for sending and receiving events from the Mule server via a servlet container.
ServletConnector ServletConnector is a channel adapter between Mule and a servlet engine.
ServletMessageReceiver ServletMessageReceiver is a receiver that is invoked from a Servlet when an event is received.

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