Class TcpInputStream

  extended by
      extended by org.mule.model.streaming.DelegatingInputStream
          extended by org.mule.transport.tcp.TcpInputStream
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class TcpInputStream
extends DelegatingInputStream

The TcpMessageDispatcher and the TcpMessageReceiver use this class as the input parameter to the read() method on the TcpProtocol interface. If you wish to simply use the InputStream as the message payload that you're reading in, you just call tcpInputStream.setStreaming(true) so that Mule knows to stop listening for more messages on that stream.

Constructor Summary
TcpInputStream(InputStream delegate)
Method Summary
 boolean isStreaming()
 void setStreaming(boolean streaming)
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Constructor Detail


public TcpInputStream(InputStream delegate)
Method Detail


public boolean isStreaming()


public void setStreaming(boolean streaming)

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