Package org.mule.transport.tcp

Provides tcp connectivity for Mule.


Interface Summary
TcpProtocol The TcpProtocol interface enables to plug different application level protocols on a TcpConnector.

Class Summary
AbstractTcpSocketFactory Creates a client socket using the socket address extracted from the endpoint.
TcpConnector TcpConnector can bind or sent to a given TCP port on a given host.
TcpInputStream The TcpMessageDispatcher and the TcpMessageReceiver use this class as the input parameter to the read() method on the TcpProtocol interface.
TcpMessageDispatcher Send transformed Mule events over TCP.
TcpMessageReceiver TcpMessageReceiver acts like a TCP server to receive socket requests.
TcpMessageRequester Request transformed Mule events from TCP.
TcpSocketKey This is used to adapt an endpoint so that it can be used as a key for sockets.

Package org.mule.transport.tcp Description

Provides tcp connectivity for Mule.

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