Package org.mule.transport.xmpp.filters

Class Summary
AbstractXmppFilter AbstractXmppFilter is a filter adapter so that Smack Filters can be configured as Mule filters.
XmppAndFilter XmppAndFilter an Xmpp AND filter
XmppFromContainsFilter XmppFromContainsFilter is an Xmpp FromContainsfilter adapter.
XmppMessageTypeFilter XmppMessageTypeFilter is an Xmpp MessageTypeFilter adapter.
XmppNotFilter XmppAndFilter an Xmpp AND filter
XmppOrFilter XmppAndFilter an Xmpp OR filter
XmppPacketIDFilter XmppPacketIDFilter is an Xmpp PacketIDFilter adapter.
XmppPacketTypeFilter XmppPacketTypeFilter is an Xmpp PacketTypeFilter adapter.
XmppThreadFilter XmppThreadFilter is an Xmpp ThreadFilter adapter.
XmppToContainsFilter XmppToContainsFilter is an Xmpp ToContainsfilter adapter.

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