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Packages that use AbstractXAResourceManager
org.mule.util.queue A resource manager that allow access to transactional queues with optional persistence. 
org.mule.util.xa An abstract resource manager that supports local and xa transactions. 

Uses of AbstractXAResourceManager in org.mule.util.queue

Subclasses of AbstractXAResourceManager in org.mule.util.queue
 class TransactionalQueueManager
          The Transactional Queue Manager is responsible for creating and Managing transactional Queues.

Uses of AbstractXAResourceManager in org.mule.util.xa

Fields in org.mule.util.xa declared as AbstractXAResourceManager
protected  AbstractXAResourceManager DefaultXASession.resourceManager

Constructors in org.mule.util.xa with parameters of type AbstractXAResourceManager
DefaultXASession(AbstractXAResourceManager resourceManager)

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