Interface CachingStrategy

public interface CachingStrategy

Defines a way to process a MuleEvent using a cache.

Method Summary
 MuleEvent process(MuleEvent request, MessageProcessor messageProcessor)
          Processes a MuleEvent using a caching schema.

Method Detail


MuleEvent process(MuleEvent request,
                  MessageProcessor messageProcessor)
                  throws MuleException
Processes a MuleEvent using a caching schema. Uses a message processor to process the request when it is not found in the cache or when it must be processed without using the cache.

Different calls to this method using the same request does not implies that the same instance will be returned. Each implementation could choose to create new instances every time.

request - the event to process
messageProcessor - the message processor that will be executed when the response for the event is not in the cache.
a response for the request that could be obtained using the cache.

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