Interface ConfigurationBuilder

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractAnnotationConfigurationBuilder, AbstractConfigurationBuilder, AbstractResourceConfigurationBuilder, AnnotationsConfigurationBuilder, AutoConfigurationBuilder, DefaultsConfigurationBuilder, GuiceConfigurationBuilder, IBeanHolderConfigurationBuilder, ScriptConfigurationBuilder, SimpleConfigurationBuilder, SpringConfigurationBuilder, SpringXmlConfigurationBuilder, WebappMuleXmlConfigurationBuilder

public interface ConfigurationBuilder

A ConfigurationBuilder is used to configure a Mule instance, represented by a MuleContext instance. Multiple ConfigurationBuilder's can be used to configure a single mule instance with each ConfigurationBuilder doing one of more of the following:

  • Creation of mule runtime artifacts (endpoint's, connector's, service's, transformer's) which are then registered with the Registy Creation and registration of SecurityManager / TransactionManager / TransactionManagerFactory / QueueManager and ThreadingProfile's. Unlike the runtime artifacts mule only uses a single instance of each of these and so if multiple configuration builder create and register these artifacts only one will be used.
  • Configuration of existing Mule configuration related artifacts such as MuleConfiguration and ServerNotificationManager

    Which of the above takes place, depends on what the configuration source contains and the ConfgurationBuilder implementation is used.

    Method Summary
     void configure(MuleContext muleContext)
              Will configure a MuleContext based on the configuration provided.
     boolean isConfigured()
              Indicate whether this ConfigurationBulder has been configured yet

    Method Detail


    void configure(MuleContext muleContext)
                   throws ConfigurationException
    Will configure a MuleContext based on the configuration provided. The configuration will be set on the ConfigurationBuilder implementation as bean properties before this method has been called.

    muleContext - The current MuleContext
    ConfigurationException - if the configuration fails i.e. an object cannot be created or initialised properly


    boolean isConfigured()
    Indicate whether this ConfigurationBulder has been configured yet

    true if this ConfigurationBulder has been configured.

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