Interface EventListener

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AbderaServiceComponent.AbderaCallable, AccumulatorComponent, AxisServiceComponent, BusinessErrorManager, DataGenerator, EchoComponent, FunctionalStreamingTestComponent, FunctionalTestComponent, GroovyRefreshableBeanBuilder, LogComponent, Mail, MuleEventMulticaster, NullComponent, RemoteDispatcherComponent, SessionPropertiesValidatorComponent, SpringRemoteInvokerComponent, StaticComponent, Storage, TestSecurityComponent, TestServiceComponent, TickFeed, TransactionalFunctionalTestComponent, WSProxyService

public interface EventListener

EventListener is a marker interface that is implemented by objects wishing to receive Mule events in managed environments, such as an EJB container. There are not methods on this interface as typically Mule will work out the method to invoke on the listener. Developers can implement org.mule.api.lifecycle.Callable to implement a specific Mule listener interface.

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