Package org.mule.api.lifecycle

Lifecycle interfaces for all Components.


Interface Summary
Callable Callable is used to provide a Service with an interface that supports event calls.
Disposable Disposable is a lifecycle interface that gets called at the dispose lifecycle stage of the implementing service as the service is being destroyed.
EventListener EventListener is a marker interface that is implemented by objects wishing to receive Mule events in managed environments, such as an EJB container.
Initialisable Initialisable is a lifecycle interface that gets called at the initialise lifecycle stage of the implementing service.
InitialisationCallback InitialisationCallback is used to provide customised initialiation for more complex components.
Lifecycle DefaultLifecyclePhase adds lifecycle methods start, stop and dispose.
LifecycleCallback<O> This callback is used to execute lifecycle behaviour for an object being managed by a LifecycleManager The callback is used so that transitions can be managed consistently outside of an object
LifecycleManager The LifecycleManager is responsible for managing the different lifecycle phases of the server and managing the transitions between lifecycle phases.
LifecyclePhase Encapsulates the notion of a lifecycle phase i.e.
LifecycleState A safe facade for lifecycle manager that objects can use to monitor its own state
LifecycleStateAware Inject an objects lifecycle state.
LifecycleStateEnabled Objects that have an associated lifecycle manager such as Service or Connector should implement this interface so that the registry lifecycle manager can introspect the lifecycle state of an object.
RegistryLifecycleHelpers This interface defines additional Registry Lifecycle methods to enable extenral objects to have there lifecycle managed by the registry.
Startable Startable provides an object with a Startable.start() method which gets called when the Mule instance gets started.
Stoppable Stoppable is a lifecycle interfaqce that introduces a Stoppable.stop() method to an object.

Class Summary
LifecycleTransitionResult Restrict possible results - only OK or a retry based on some throwable are currently allowed.

Exception Summary
CreateException CreateException is thrown when creating an object inside Mule wasn't possible due to inconsistent internal state or wrong input.
DisposeException DisposeException TODO (document class)
FatalException FatalException can be thrown during initialisation or during execution to indicate that something fatal has occurred and the MuleManager must shutdown.
InitialisationException InitialisationException is thrown by the initialise method defined in the org.mule.api.lifecycle.Initialisable interface.
LifecycleException LifecycleException TODO
RecoverableException RecoverableException can be thrown during initialisation to indicate that the error occurred is not fatal and a reactive action can be performed to try and remedy the error.
StartException DisposeException TODO (document class)
StopException DisposeException TODO (document class)

Package org.mule.api.lifecycle Description

Lifecycle interfaces for all Components.

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