Interface EntryPointResolver

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractArgumentEntryPointResolver, AbstractEntryPointResolver, AnnotatedEntryPointResolver, ArrayEntryPointResolver, CallableEntryPointResolver, ExplicitMethodEntryPointResolver, MethodHeaderPropertyEntryPointResolver, NoArgumentsEntryPointResolver, ReflectionEntryPointResolver

public interface EntryPointResolver

EntryPointResolver resolves a method to call on the given Component when an event is received for the service. Note that one instance of an entry point will be created for a component. This means the type of the component will always be of the same type for the life of the instance. Resolvers must be thread safe since multiple requests on the same component can happen concurrently. The recommended approach is to use atomic values and concurrent collections where needed rather than synchronizing the invoke method, which could impact performance

Method Summary
 InvocationResult invoke(Object component, MuleEventContext context)

Method Detail


InvocationResult invoke(Object component,
                        MuleEventContext context)
                        throws Exception

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