Package org.mule.api.processor

Interface Summary
InterceptingMessageProcessor Processes MuleEvent's intercepting another listener MessageProcessor.
MessageProcessor Processes MuleEvent's.
MessageProcessorBuilder Builds MessageProcessor instances.
MessageProcessorChainBuilder Builds MessageProcessorChain instances.
MessageRouter A MessageProcessor that routes messages to zero or more destination message processors.
ProcessingStrategy Determines how a list of message processors should processed.
RequestReplyReplierMessageProcessor Processes a MuleEvent's by invoking the next MessageProcessor and then rather than returning the result to this processors MessageSource sending it via a seperate reply MessageProcessor,
RequestReplyRequesterMessageProcessor Processes a MuleEvent by invoking the next MessageProcessor but receiving the reply, which is turn is returned from this MessageProcessor from a seperate MessageSource rather than using the return value of the next MessageProcessor invocation.

Class Summary
LoggerMessageProcessor MessageProcessor implementation that logs the current element of a value evaluated from it using an expression evaluator.
MessageProcessors Some convenience methods for message processors.

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